Red Wine Benefits – Improve Your Health

IMG_2808-380If you drink alcohol then you should definitely think about drinking red wine. There are several health benefits of drinking red wine. The experience is extremely enjoyable and the drink would be a logical option for you. Let us have a detailed look at the health benefits of red wine.

Scientists firmly believe that the key is to health a benefit of red wine is the antioxidants present in it. These are also known as Flavonoids. Flavonoids work towards reducing the low density lipoprotein or LDL production. LDL is also known as ‘bad’ cholesterol. Red wine also plays a great role in increasing the production of HDL or high density lipoprotein or ‘good’ cholesterol in the body. The combined effects of reduction of LDL and increase in HDL help a lot in preventing blood clots and enhancement in the overall lipid profile.

Red wine is also a rich source of phytochemicals. These are biologically active compounds found in plants. Polyphenols are the phytochemicals found in red wine.

Catechins and resveratro are two major polyphenols found in red wine. Both these polyphenols are antioxidants. Antioxidants are help in reducing oxidative damage in the body. This is a type of damage caused by oxygen free radicals inside the body. Free radicals attack molecules via capturing electrons and thereafter transforming chemical structures.

Some of the researchers also claim that drinking wine promotes good cardiovascular health and facilitates normal call growth and healthy aging due to the presence of resveratrol in it. The other polyphenol, catechin play a significant role in minimizing the risk of heart disease. Saponin is another antioxidant found in red wine. This antioxidant also provides optimum protection to the heart. It is easily absorbed by the body.

However, the health benefits of drinking red wine does not limit to only cardiovascular benefits. Many studies and researches proved that resveratrol present in the red wine can facilitate the reduction of the growth of cancerous tumors. This antioxidant also contains properties that may be helpful in nerve cell formation and can help in treating some neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

With so many health benefits of drinking red wine, people may love to indulge in too much drinking. However, it is important to know that drinking in moderation will only provide the above mentioned benefits to health. Too much of red wine may have adverse effects on the body. You may suffer from health conditions like obesity, high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, cholesterol and stroke by drinking too much red wine. Hence, you should resist over consumption of red wine.

Moderate consumption of red wine will let you enjoy all the health benefits it tends to provide the drinker. Moderate consumption means one to two glasses per day for men and a glass a day for women. Now, if you think that you can abstain from drinking red wine for a week and then consume a good amount of it over the weekend. You are absolutely wrong. This is unhealthy.

Drink red wine. It’s healthy. Don’t over do it. Just moderate consumption will work wonders for your health.

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Resveratrol as Anti-aging Antioxidant

red-wine_MkE1KXuuResveratrol supplements are the latest anti-aging fad. Aging is breakdown, but broken things can be fixed. Aging is characterized by a progressive deterioration of physiological functions and metabolic processes.

The healthy reputation of dietary antioxidants just got more support, with one type turning in a spectacular anti-aging performance. Research studies continue to find more interesting benefits from this red wine compound, including potential anti-cancer and anti-aging activity. As to its antiaging potential, resveratrol activates a cell’s survival defense enzyme, which prolongs the time cells have to repair their broken DNA.

Newspapers, magazines and TV over the last few years have been filled with news of the anti-aging, antioxidant and seemingly miraculous properties of red wine. Wine lovers are probably already aware that red wine contains a powerful antioxidant: resveratrol. Resveratrol appears to work as a powerful antioxidant helping quench free radical damage in the body, but also has a unique mechanism of action that may prove to have significant life extension properties.

Antioxidant resveratrol action is very important for the heart health because it can reduce the blood pressure by opening the arteries hence increasing the blood flow through them. Antioxidants slow down cell damage and the progression of degenerative diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and improve organ, eye, skin, teeth and gum health.

The primary health component of wine that researchers have uncovered is called resveratrol. Resveratrol is also found in a number of other foods and berries, such a peanuts and blueberries but grapes, particularly winemaking grapes such as Muscadine, are the clear winner.

Resveratrol maintains cell viability and exerts an anti-oxidative action by enhancing the intracellular free-radical scavenger glutathione. Resveratrol is an active polyphenol found in red wine that has anti cancer effects. Resveratrol is known to fight cancer tumor growth. Resveratrol protects heart tissue from cancer chemotherapy drug. Resveratrol is known to be protective against oxidative cardiovascular disorders.

Red wine contains tannins and resveratrol, substances which could explain the drink’s anti-cancer properties. Consumption of red wine is associated with a slight but statistically significant reduction in the development of lung cancer, as reported in the journal Thorax. Red wine has been shown, in some experiments, to be more effective than other alcoholic beverages in decreasing some of the risk factors of coronary heart disease. Many believe that the proven benefits of red wine explain the “French Paradox ” in which the French have lower rates of heart disease yet consume a high fat diet.

NFI’s resvinatrol complete contains the powerful red wine antioxidant, resveratrol, called « The Fountain of Youth » in a formula that includes several other important antioxidants.

Red wine is also known to help boost metabolism, which key in weight loss. Read more about this topic here: Resveratrol provides today’s health-conscious consumers with an exciting combination of powerful antioxidants found in red wine, chocolate, pomegranates, red raspberries, and soy.

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The Joys Of White Wine

dsc08340-3819Red wines have been very popular lately, thanks to medical reports about their antioxidant and heart-protecting properties. It’s true that red wines are amazing, but that doesn’t mean the other less noticed kinds of wine are bad. White wines are in fact divine, when it comes to their subtle aroma and taste it’s more than the senses with a right amount of sweetness and delicately combined with mild sources.

Wine service at a nice restaurant can be an unnecessarily difficult ordeal. The following tips will allow you to follow the customs of wine service with ease and confidence.

Many people are confused about wine, especially whites. This makes many estranged from the joys of the cellar. For the uninitiated, here are some of the most common kinds of white wine:

1. Chardonnay – The most renowned type of white wine is very much befitting of the superstardom. This type of wine originated in France from grapes of the same name. Its flavor reminds one of the fruity tastes of pineapple, peach, citrus, apple combined with luscios tang of vanilla, oatmeal, and nuts. Chardonnay looks very elegant in a glass with its deep yellow to light greenish transparence.

2. Sauvignon Blanc – Another wine that hails from France, particularly around the Loire valley, the Sauvignon Blanc can also be found in New Zealand. Its flavor evokes freshness of the pastures around its area, reminding one of the aroma of freshly cut grass, giving the wine an herbaceous flavor with hints of fruits. It is best to enjoy this wine immediately as its fresh flavor doesn’t last long.

3. Chenin Blanc – another product of the Loire valley, this exceptional wine usually goes unnoticed as the underdog of the wine kingdom. However its flavors are truly magnificent with hints of tangy pineapple and lime combined with the sweetness of honey and licorice. This one lasts longer and can keep up to 10 years. Art of Wine Tasting.

4. Gewurztraminer – This one comes from Alsace, France. A wine with a louder character, with hints of spice and floral taste.

5. Pinot Gris – this crisp and smoky wine with hints of apricot comes from Alsace, North Eastern Italy, and New Zealand.

6. Riesling – a noble tea-like, honey-flavored wine comes from Alsace or Clare Valley in France, or from Germany.

There are so many other kinds of white wines, all evoking elegant and luscious flavors that make them perfect companions for soft cheeses, white sauced pasta, fish and poultry. Of course one can have a glass with any meal or by itself depending on one’s preference.

When it comes to the joys and pleasures brought about by wine, whites can compete with reds. To know more about white wines, it is best to befriend a wine dealer. Cheers!

When choosing a wine from a restaurant’s wine list, the main goal is to accomplish a suitable pairing with the entrees of your party. If the food orders are too different to generalize with one wine, consider purchasing splits or ordering by the glass. Waiters and sommeliers are there to answer your questions, but availing yourself to their services and advice will be much more beneficial if your questions are relatively specific.

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