11 Awesome Wine Barrels Furniture Designs

There’s nothing like sitting back after a long week of work and enjoying a good glass of wine at home. However, it’s not just about drinking a fine set of fermented grapes, but taking the experience to another level. It just adds another element to everything, especially when you can get creative in your presentation. Sometimes finding the right way to store your wine or putting it on a unique surface, can enhance the sipping experience. Here are some great wine barrel designs from the team from Napa East to consider when entertaining your favorite guests!

1. 28 Bottle Wine Rack

If you’re quite the wine connoisseur, this is excellent way to hold it out right in the barrel. Forget a humidor when you have a slick-looking barrel that can keep your big bottles of wine at bay. Your friends and family will be greatly impressed not only at how much it holds, but the aesthetic appeal.

  1. Large Riddling Wine Rack

While it might look like a nice place to play some cornhole (do that after the wine is gone), it’s a bit classier. You can put this up against the wall in a nice spot designated for libations and wine. It’s a unique way of holding your delicious reds and whites, and the wood can go with the general decorum of the room.

  1. Wine Barrel Set: Cabinet Base

Talk about adding some true character to your bar downstairs. This is absolutely perfect for a great wine tasting in the winter season. You may have a few friends over to watch a Sunday game of football while enjoying a nice barrel that pops out some premium bottles. All the while, you can sit comfortably and taste some greatness as you enjoy a good game with nice snacks right on the tabletop.

  1. Sonoma Barrel Table Set

This is the definition of a show stopper. It’s creativity at its finest. Get a load of not only great seating, but the perfect table set that you can place some delicious food on to pair with wine. It’s a good setting that allows you and your significant other so much needed downtime and class without having to go to a fancy restaurant. This is the perfect furniture set that just makes the wine pairing look classy.

  1. Whiskey Barrel Game Table Set

Not only are you getting a beautiful oak top, but it happens to be the perfect amount of room for a board game with a few friends. Enjoy a nice glass or two amongst some close friends as you play some chess or checkers. Slide out another bottle in the hinged latching door if more people come over to watch.

  1. Barrel Head Coffee Table

Do you like to drink some good coffee in the morning? Well, this is a nice coffee table with a beautiful French coverage stamps. You don’t always have to drink wine, but the small table is a nice touch to a cup of Joe.

  1. Personalized Pub Table

Add a bit of fun to your pub by creating your own family logo right on the table top. It’ll look nice with the hand painted whiskey barrel heads. The finish will set off the decorum of the room with some great warmth.

  1. Hoop and Stave Long Pendant Light

You didn’t think that a wine barrel can also make for a great light fixture, did you? This can be a great set to go with your kitchen cabinets and give off a nice look with the red wine stain inside the bulb.

  1. Wine Barrel Fire Pit

Whether the family has a late night barbecue in the backyard or just spending a romantic evening with your significant other, this is a beautiful way to enjoy some wine. Enjoy the night sky as the fire pit keeps you warm during the fall season.

  1. Wine Country Gathering Basket

This is a unique way to carrying some nice fruits or a cool picnic lunch during the day. The wood from the retired barrel has a dynamic look that grabs everyone’s attention. This is unique gift that people appreciate for years to come.

  1. Sonoma Barrel Chair

This is classy and comfortable chair just for lounging. Enjoy your nice glass of red or white wine while spending time with your loved ones.

If you like some d├ęcor to go with your wine tasting or just to have something to add to your bar downstairs, invest in some of these creations from old barrels. It’ll give your home a great facelift and uniqueness at the end of the day.