Everyone knows that dogs are man’s best friend, but are you ready to take the next step and translate that to a gold-standard friendship? Just because your pets are willing doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work to win them over.

1. Fun in the Yard

Lush vegetation as far as the doggy eye can see is every dog’s daydream. Canines love to roll, forage, and explore, and your furry friend will likely love you for encouraging those tendencies. Plant a dog-friendly garden to encourage your friends to explore and munch safely. Varieties such as lavender, chamomile, and mint not only are fragrant and attractive, but they also have calming, refreshing effects on both people and dogs.

2. Fun in the Home

Everyone loves surprises, and dogs are no exception! Receiving an unexpected package in the mail is guaranteed to brighten someone’s day, even Spot’s. Order one-time or recurring dog gift baskets and watch your pup’s eyes light up as it noses through to discover new toys and treats. These are also an excellent gift for the humans in your life who have recently adopted a new pet, celebrated a dog’s birthday, or are nursing a beloved pet after an illness.

3. Fun in the Community

Dogs truly enjoy giving love as much as receiving it, and likely will adore you for helping them to spread even more love. Take some time to visit your dog’s other friends at the park or around the neighborhood, make pawprint cards to hand out at an assisted living facility, or volunteer with your pet. Volunteer opportunities range from reading with children to participating in charity walks, and from donating blood to training as a therapy dog.

Taking simple steps to include your dog in your life with activities, to celebrate your pet with a dog gift basket, and to think ahead about your pet’s pleasure when planning out your home and garden can increase happiness both for you and your furry friend. It’s fairly simple to keep a dog’s heart happy, and often all it takes is a little extra thought.